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How Do We Charge

We offer four ways of billing:

1.     Biling by the disputed amount of the subject matter


Disputed Amount

Graduated Rate

Amount of 20K USD or less

8%--12%, minimum: 1000 USD

That part of amount between 20K USD and 200K USD


That part of amount between 200K USD and 2M USD


That part of amount between 2M USD and 20M USD


That part of amount in excess of 20M



         Complicated  and significant cases: up to five times of the above fees upon discussion.

2.     Billing by hour

       100-300 USD per hour


3.     Biling by project/year/phase


        Fixed price case by case, no hour limit.

        Annual legal servie fee is usually 10K USD-20K USD.

        Pre-evaluation consulting fee is usuallly 100 USD--400 USD.


4.    Contigency fee

up to 30% of the disputed amount.


The above service fees will be adjusted according to the following factors:

      case complexity, time consumed, documents required, attorney selection, disputed amount, language, location, etc.

Translation Service Fees

1.  Translation





Counting Method

Chinese to English

50150 USD

1000 Chinese Characters

Word, number of characters without spaces

English to Chinese

70- 180 USD

1000 English words

Wordnumber of words


      The  above price will be ajusted in accordance with the significance of the documents and time limit, etc.

2.  Interpretation






Business Negotiation

8001200 USD

Eight Hours

Considering the significance of legal matters, we highly recommend you to send us the relevant documents ahead of time so that we could have a basic understanding of your case and use words favorable to you in our best efforts.  The preparation time will not be charged.

If you do not need us to prepare, the price could be lowered upon discussion.

Court Hearing

700-1600 USD

One Time




Cotract Template Fees

In addition to free samples of contract template in our Chinese webpages, we also offer various kinds of contract templates in both Chinese and English. Each template is usually 40--400 USD depending on the language, complexity and subject matter, etc.