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Bilingual Lawyers

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The Core Attorney Team



Our core attorney team is composed of elite attorneys with a deep understanding of litigation strategy, business practices and cultural differences. Most of the team members are graduates of prestigious law schools in China and/or abroad, with practicing experiences in leading law firms and/or international companies.

Armed with double legal experiences both at home and abroad, our team members are able to conduct comprehensive legal analysis, offer creative and optimized solutions, and design negotiation or litigation plans professionally in a timely manner.

Some of our team members once worked in courts or other government agencies and maintain effective communication channels with authorities.


The Translator Team



The translator team is composed of translators with legal sense and attorneys with language skills. Translators and attorneys work together to guarantee perfect accuracy.

Our normal translation processes are: translation draft by junior translators or junior attorneys review and modification by senior attorneys or senior translators final review by senior bilingual attorneys. Sometimes documents are translated and double-checked by senior bilingual attorneys directly.

Upon clients’ request or for significant documents, we will increase our review time and frequency accordingly.

The External Partners



In addition to our core attorney team and translation team, we have also established a deep cooperative partnership with other attorneys from our own law firms and external law firms, including some attorneys from foreign law firms.  

For significant projects, upon clients’ request, we can also explore the possibility of forming a temporary collaborative team to create a strong group synergy.