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SPC Releases Provisions on the Trial of Cases by the Internet Court
The Supreme People's Court ("SPC") has recently issued the Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Trial of Cases by the Internet Court (the "Provisions"), effective from September 7, 2018.

The Provisions, comprised of 23 articles, provide clarity on the scope of cases falling under the jurisdiction of the internet court, the appeal mechanism, and requirements on the development of the litigation platform, and clearly specify online litigation rules in respect of identity confirmation, case filing, responses to lawsuits, presence of evidence, court trials, service, signatures, and documentation. According to the Provisions, the internet court hears a case online, which means the litigation processes, including the case acceptance, service, mediation, exchange of evidence, pre-trial preparations, court trials, and sentencing, shall be processed and completed online in general. Moreover, the Provisions note that, certain types of internet-related cases that should be accepted by grassroots people's courts, within the jurisdiction of the city where the internet court is located, will fall under the jurisdiction of the internet court. These internet-related cases include cases involving disputes over online shopping and service contracts, disputes over internet finance lending or small-amount lending contracts, or disputes over internet copyright ownership and tort in this regard.